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Freemax WesternFreemax Western

Treeless saddles have been more and more popular in the last years but they also have a poor reputation in big parts of the riding community.

An inacceptable spinal clearance and "hot spots" (areas with extremely high pressure under the rider and especially under the stirrup bar) are the reason for a lot of critical reviews. The low cost treeless range works for a while but if the rider is too heavy or the saddle too old and too soft the problems occur.

Treeless saddles are great - if they are well-made, well-fitted and if they suit you and your horse.

Because of this we chose 3 brands of treeless saddles we have in stock, fit and sell:

- Ghost

- Startrekk by Deuber

- Freemax Western

Ghost and Startrekk saddles have velcro panels which assure a good spinal clearance, an individual fitting and a fabulous weight distribution.

Ghost saddles offer a great value for money: Prices start around £700.

DP Startrekk saddles are treeless but made with strong layers of stabilizing leather in the saddle core. Prices start around £1500.

Freemax Western is a great, treeless alternative to conventional Western saddles. Very light weight and with a good spinal clearance the Freemax Western is the best choice for basic Western riding and Cowboy dressage. Prices start at £950.