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We are the only supplier of leathertree saddles in Scotland,

made by

HT saddles
Deuber & Partner

The tree and all parts of these leather tree saddles are made from leather. Several layers of leather are glued and sewed together to build a durable but flexible tree which is strong enough to spread the weight of the rider evenly but soft enough to allow adaption to the horse’s back in tridimensional movements.

A modern leather tree saddle does not have a gullet. Its shape is given by the tree and the stirrup bar included in the tree. Therefore, the angle of the bars is not a topic like it is with other saddles. The panels are fixed to the saddle by an extremely strong Velcro. That allows lots of fitting options with regard to length, shape and thickness – even for hard-to-fit horses there is always a solution.

When fitting one of these leather tree saddles the goal of fitting is the same as usual: the best possible fit of the panels to the horse’s back in order to spread the rider's weight as evenly and extensively as possible.

Leathertree saddles are suitable for almost all kind of horses. Even hard to fit backs like very short backed horses or horses with strong shoulders or high withers can be fitted with a leather tree saddle. Depending on the shape not all models might be suitable and a pad with shims might be necessary. This is part of the saddle systems and helps adapting it to all requirements of the individual horse.

One of the most important strengths of the leather tree saddle is the high level of adaptability which allows the saddle to “grow” with your young horse and be a perfect connection between you and your horse for many years.


HT saddles are high quality leather saddles in a price range of £1400 - 1900.

HT saddles are made of best quality leather by hand and to order. We have a small selection on stock. New models expected for 2020!


Our saddles from Deuber & Partner usually come with a flexi tree and fixed, flocked panels. By order you can also choose a leather tree and velcro panels. Prices for flexi tree Baroque saddles start around £2500.