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Balanced and comfy - for you and your horse! With a complete saddle system consisting of a Hidalgo saddle, paddable saddle cloth und well-fitted girth you choose the best possible solution:

Hidalgo saddle system incl. saddle cloth and paddingHidalgo saddle system incl. saddle cloth and padding













Please contact me for online orders of tack, accessories and spare parts!

We stock, order and sell tack and saddle accessories from different brands like Ghost, Grandeur, Engel, Christ and Waldhausen.

Ghost accessories like:

T-bar leathers or Conway leathers                                                                60,- £
Ghost panels                                                                                                120,- £
Ghost pad short flap (Sympanova or wool)                                                   90,- £
Ghost pad long flap (Sympanova or wool)                                                   110,- £
Front riser or seat diminisher                                                                        18,- £
Girth strap protectors (pair)                                                                           24,- £
Seat saver wool                                                                                             60,- £   
Girth system PURO or sliding rigging                                                            65,- £

Paddle pads / saddle clothes / sheepskin tack:
Grandeur Standard Pad                                                                                    125,- £
Grandeur Physio Pad                                                                                        155,- £
Sheepskin Pad                                                                                                      75,- £
Sheepskin saddle cloth (depending on style)                                           75-85,- £
Sheepskin full saddle cloth                                                                                85,- £
Sheepskin girth curved or straight (dep. on length)                                75-85,- £


The Grandeur pads are very recommendable to optimize the saddle fitting and they support the Hidalgo saddle solution perfectly.

They are available in different shapes, styles and qualities with cotton, felt or fur to the horse. Pockets for shimming are available on the top and/or under side.


Grandeur AircoPad saddle clothGrandeur AircoPad saddle cloth

 Grandeur AircoPad, paddable system, cotton side to horse back, dressage shape;

also available in other colors and shapes - please contact me!


Grandeur PhysioPad Grandeur PhysioPad

 Grandeur PhysioPad, paddable system, artifial fur side to horse back, Iberian shape;

also available in other colors and shapes - please contact me!


Engel sheepskin girthsEngel sheepskin girths

 Engel sheepskin girths, anatomical shaped, different sizes available