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Share your experiences!

I am always happy to provide reviews and experiences with Hidalgo saddles on my homepage.


 Just contact me to tell your story!

In my daily work I make lots of fantastic experiences with lovely horses and interested riders and horse owners.

On this page I want to share theses "fitting stories" told by me or the happy riders.

Additionally please refer to the Hidalgo homepage to find long-term reviews and experiences. The only problem - the page is in German. Hidalgo saddles were developed in Austria. So Austria and Germany are the countries where Hidalgo leather tree saddles are used for the longest time. I will translate interesting posts in the next weeks and provide them here: Testimonials.


Pixie and Val back on track - with a Hidalgo Malaga Iberian saddle

"I am so pleased with Pixie's new saddle and all Fran's amazing help.Happy owner ,happy pony ! 

I never thought that I would find a saddle made for my cob."


Gentle giant "BOSS" - a fabulous allrounder

It was a pleasure to fit a Venice special to this gentle giant. He does lots of different work and with this saddle his rider is well-prepared for almost every activity.



Hidalgo Venice special - welcome back in work, Charlie!

"Cannot recommend Fran highly enough. Acutely aware and knowledgable. Fran paid very close attention to the information my horse was giving her. The day of the fitting I rode my gorgeous Charlie after 18 months from when his poor body gave up. The final piece of the puzzle was the back issues that plagued him. I knew in myself his saddle wasn’t right - his frame and behaviour were telling me. He even displayed anxiety when the saddle came near. Within 5 mins of the new saddle going on he had completely relaxed and I mounted for the first time in several months. Instant relaxation and communication. Give her a call and just try. You won’t regret it."

Thanks Helen for this fantastic experience with you and Charlie.


 Hidalgo Venice sp. light

 "I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Venice Special 2 Dressage saddle after having Fran out to fit my (hard to fit and in the process of being re-started) Irish Sport Horse. Fran was brilliant and very patient with us as we tried a few saddles in a very windy arena! My mare loved the Iberian saddle we tried and I really like the seat but the stirrup placement didn't quite for my long legs. So we settled on the Venice which is gorgeous and works for her big shoulders and long sloping wither and my knees! Beautiful quality saddle and Fran is superbly knowledgeable on horse biomechanics and saddle fit so I am now confident we can recommence ridden work knowing that we have a saddle that works both now and as her shape changes."


Hidalgo Venice special - Bria back in the show ring!

The service from riding in balance has been 5 star from start to finish. Fran is so knowledgeable and helpful. She has a genuine love for horses and their well-being. Since buying my Hidalgo saddle, my horse has completely changed. She is much more forward, more relaxed and happier than she has ever been before. My own position has also improved greatly ! We took our Hidalgo to its first outing today and even won our class, hopefully the first of many.
You couldn’t wish for a better service. I only wish I found Fran and this brand long ago !


Hidalgo Cordoba 2 - Spanish saddle for a Spanish horse

After a long break this lovely boy is back in work and needs a saddle which allows a regular fitting to his changing back and gives the rider a safe and comfy seat. The dressage position is supported by the saddle style and supports the rider to improve his balance and hand-independent seat.

Rider and horse were happy with the saddle: "He never showed so much free movement as with this saddle after just a few minutes. That is a challenge for me to improve my position and balance. But that is good for both of us!"


Feedback of a customer using a Hidalgo saddle


in the last days I was able to test my new Hidalgo saddle several times. Yesterday I was out hacking over hill and dale because I was lost in the wood and was searching for my way home. It was our first hack completely on our own and therefore a really hard test for my young horse and for the saddle – and they both passed with flying colours I want to emphasize.

Up and down the hill without any slipping of the saddle. That was a topic I was concerned of before. We do not have flat tracks which makes it even more important that the saddle stays in its place.

This is the first time that I am able to ride my young horse almost every day because I know that she has a well-fitting saddle she is really happy with. She is forward going now, enjoys a good canter – two things which were impossible before we got the Hidalgo saddle.

A leather tree saddle is an alternative to a traditional saddle which absolutely convinced me. I have to admit that I was very skeptical. And now I even start to recommend the Hidalgo saddles to other riders.

Thanks and all the best,



Hidalgo Venice special on a Connemara gelding

It is this special moment that makes saddle fitting so rewarding for me - when a rider tests a Hidalgo, does a trot and comments afterward: "I had to grab the mane - so much movement! Did you know that he never trotted with a saddle on his back before?"

 (with a test saddle - one size too small for the rider)

Fantastic to see a young horse moving happily under his rider. Well done!

Rider's comment:

"Loving the new saddle and so does my connemara. Couldn't have had better service for fitting!"


Hidalgo Venice sp. Kilger on a lovely PRE

After testing 5 saddles in 18 months the owner of this lovely horse from Portugal was desperately looking for a flexible solution that fits his back - and found the Hidalgo system. The new, free movement will be a challenge for the rider in the first weeks but the horse already shows his satisfaction.


 "Thanks for all the time you spent with us and your patience. Never experienced a saddle fitter who explains so much and helps me to understand my horses needs with regard to his saddle."


Long-term review - Thyrill & Annkathrin

To find the right saddle for the Icelandic horse Thyrill was a huge challenge for his owner Annkathrin. The typical short back, health issues like an inflammation and kissing spines 3 years ago and a saddle odyssey with 7 saddles in 7 years.

Desperately looking for a new saddle she tried a Hidalgo Valenica light for 4 weeks - and kept it. Thyrill was showing very clearly that he liked this saddle.

2 years later Annkathrin and Thyrill took part in their first le Trec competition: Hacking, jumping, trail - all parts completed with success in the Hidalgo Valencia Iberian saddle.

 Annkathrin states: "Still after 2 years the saddle stays in the position where it has to be. No hot spots or pressure points. Thyrill is working happily, very relaxed and safe in all gaits. The best is: the saddle adapts to his muscular situation - if he is in his best condition or lost muscles after a break - this saddle always adapts and fits."