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Testimonials and long-term reviews are important to help you to decide on a saddle - spending so much money is never an easy decision.

Take your time and find out how happy riders are with their Hidalgo saddles!

Hidalgo receives lots of feedback and testimonials from happy customers. Detailed information can be found on the Hidalgo homepage: Testimonials.

Lots of the Hidalgo reviews and testimonials are in German - please find a few of them translated:

Iberian saddles from Hidalgo

Yvonne Lehey lives in Australia and owns 6 Hidalgo saddles (Iberian models Caracas, Valencia basic, Valencia light and Valencia special):

“The Valencia basic is my absolute favorite of all my saddles (and I tested a lot in the last 50 years!). It is extremely comfy for horse and rider and can be used for all kind of riding. I use it when long distance hacking, for riding my gaited horses (Paso Fino and Icelandic) and flatwork. Also dressage of higher levels and fun rides like Jousting, Skill at Arms or horse-back archery is fantastic to do with that saddle. It doesn’t matter what – this is MY saddle!



Hi Hidalgo team!

I would just like to tell you that the saddle came today. Both me and my horse is very satisfied with the purchase, so I am happy that I now found the saddle for us!

Here is a picture of my horse proudly wearing her new saddle!

Thank you so much for all your informative responses on my mails - I really appreciate it. I will tell everyone about you and your fantastic service! Hopefully more people buy saddles from you -I could not be more satisfied.

Best Regards

Sofie Tagesen




Hidalgo Cordoba special

Dear Hidalgo team,

Thanks for sending me the test saddle. I have to say – it is a dream! Which I like most beside the design is the big knee roll.

I am happily waiting for “my” Cordoba special so that I can properly ride my horse in the future. As I told you I had a similar product from a competitor before and this didn’t work at all for me and my horse.

Now my Rosa is moving freely and I can ride without pain in this saddle. It is a shame that I didn’t know better in the past.

Thanks so much,




Hi Dr Nina Holzer, 

I'd like to thank you for the saddle...! We absolutely love it and truly love the workmanship, the material and the colour. Thank you for the packaging it nicely too..! It arrived safely about 2weeks ago. Many thanks for all your help. Thank you and have a nice day..!

Warmest regards, Erdayu Omar (Kala Lumpur / Malaysia)


Valencia special shorty

Dear Hidalgo team,

I want to say thank you for all your efforts and support. The saddle fits perfectly – for me and for the short back of my pony. It is the first time that I can put my legs properly to the horse. The saddle doesn’t slip, is very light and gives me a safe and stable seat.

This is approximately the 10th Saddle I tried and had already lost hope to find a fitting saddle. My horse shows his happiness and comfort, stretches forward/down very fast and a lot easier than with any kind of traditional trees. The rider’s weight is spread evenly too. Riding bare-back I feel that I have to stop after 30-45 minutes. With the Hidalgo I can ride 1,5 hours and more.

It is so easy to use weight aids and the saddle is so close contact and still soft and stable enough between horse and rider. The saddle just fits and the quality is outstanding. Even my mother – a dressage rider for more than 40 years and very traditional with her tack – likes this saddle.

I will recommend this saddle – it is fabulous!

Kind regards,

Katrin Schoofs


Valencia special


Our vet said that this saddle fits perfectly. She never made experiences with a leather tree saddle before but she says that there is lots of space for the shoulders and spine. She assessed the saddle as very good.

My horse works fantastically under the saddle, very clear gaits and with a relaxed back searching forward/down with the nose. I feel he is very happy with his saddle. He is relaxed and enjoys riding now.

Sandra Poupart (Louxemborough)


Venice special

Dear Hidalgo team,

I received the dressage saddle a week ago and was surprised by the leather quality and craftsmanship. Also the comfort convinced me from the first moment.

The saddle lays very stable on the horse and provides a safe seat. My horse seems to be very happy with it. He also doesn’t change canter in between and he does not lay his ears back showing discomfort any more. His shoulders move with a lot more freedom.

I am so happy about that saddle. Thanks for your support, Silvana John