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Hard-to-fit back: short, a strong rock, high wither and a difficult ratio from saddle to girth position - a happy horse with a HIDALGO London VSD saddle:

The “rock” – curved line of the horse back

That is a main advantage of the saddle: When riding with the saddle your and your horse’s body warmth warm the leather up a little bit to make it flexible. The tree can adapt to the rock of the horse’s back. In difference to a wooden or carbon tree the rock of a leather tree saddle is not fixed. This allows the saddle to adapt itself while riding and when the back of your horse comes up when working correctly. While almost all other saddles are fitted to the standing horse the HIDALGO fits to the horse under the rider.

The difference can be impressing:

When the shape of the saddle bars does not fit to the line of your horse’s back there can be two consequences:

  1. Bridging: When the saddle tree is quite straight and the horse’s back line quite curved the saddle puts a lot of pressure in the front and at the end of the saddle. A bridge is built under the rider and the weight is not evenly distributed by the bars.

  2. Rock: If the shape of the bars bends more the back line of the horse the saddle can start to tip forward and wobble to the front and back.

With a HIDALGO leather tree saddle both consequences – bridging and wobbling – can’t happen. It doesn’t matter if your horses back is straight or quite curved – the saddle will adapt to the natural line of your horse when working under the saddle.