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Treeless, leathertree or flexi-tree - which one is the best?

There is no right answer to this question!

The best system is the one which fits you and your horse. This depends on your individual circumstances including your experience, your expectations, the sensitivity of your horse and the work you do together.

We chose the brands we offer to allow you to find your best possible solution in a wide variety of flexible saddle systems in a range starting from high quality treeless saddles to bespoke flexi-tree saddles with gullet.

Why do we fit and sell flexible saddle systems only? What makes a saddle "flexible"? Why do we choose the brands we offer?

Horse are fantastic animals with an outstanding potential of movement and strength. It is our pleasure and an honour that they allow us to ride on their backs.

We are moving, the horse is moving - why would you put a stiff piece of wood, steal or carbon between two moving objects? It must stop the harmony of movement, the rhythm and the communication between horse and rider. We believe that one of the most important goals of riding is to ride with as less aids as possible. We "talk" with our body and the horse can understand that. In riding theory this is simply called "weight aid".

A flexible saddle system allow tridimensional movement going through from the horse to the rider and back. It does not block the connection between horse and rider - it supports it!

This flexibility results of three different concepts:

- treeless saddles

- leathertree saddles

- flexitree saddles

There is a difference in the stability and weight distribution these saddle provide. Not only when you compare the groups but also within a group. Please find out more following the links to the different types of trees.