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More space for free movement thanks to the velcro panels which can be placed individually in accordance with the horse's needs:

Distance between the panels – tree width

Different back muscles of the horses are working intensively when the horse is ridden. For carrying the rider a very strong muscle is needed while the spines should be able to move in freedom. Even when the horse bends its back in a small circle shape. The distance between the panels decides about the position of the saddle on the back muscles and the freedom of movement for the spinal part of the back.

In former times the width of the saddle tree and the distance between the panels was narrow – only 2-3 fingers fit in between. Because almost all horses need a bigger distance a width of 3-4 fingers is common for newly produced saddles today.



With a HIDALGO saddle the distance can be even bigger – as big as your horse needs it.

The Velcro panels allow a perfect fitting to the back muscles carrying the rider.