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Space for the muscles to move and to grow, correct length of the panels, suitable seat size for the rider and a wide spreading of the riders weight - a tailored saddle for an affordable price:

To give you an idea how Hidalgo saddles are fitted and what happens during the fitting appointment with test rides I documented a fitting appointment with a lovely cob.

We fitted a Hidalgo London special GP leather tree saddle.

1. Bare back - first look, assessment of muscular situation and talk about expectations and former problems


2. Marking of the important structures and measurements

Important structures are the shoulder blade, the last rib and the long back muscle (marked with red line). This muscle needs space to move and should not carry the riders weight. The distance between shoulder blade (+ 2 fingers) and last rib provides the maximum of the panel size. In this case 44cm.

3. First trial - standard position of the panels

The saddle shows a good balance already but the panels are not in a perfect position. They should give more space to the shoulder blade to enable best possible movement and support the saddle even better under the back part of the saddle.

4. First trial - position of the panels


5. Change of the panel position - moving them backwards


6. Distance of the panels - lots of space for spine and long back muscle


7. Second trial - balanced seat, good panel position


8. View from the back - space to allow movement and bending


9. Finish with sheepskin saddle cloth and sheepskin girth


10. Ready to go - let's test!


11. After the test ride - well balanced saddle.

The horse showed his satisfaction with the saddle. Very forward going and stretching forward/down.

12. The best of it - the saddle is extremely comfy for horse and rider!